Thursday, February 5, 2015

Our Living Room: Coffee Table and End Table Reveal

Between the long list of custom orders we've been working on, Mr. ATG found some time to build us a coffee table! We sold our funky, music playing coffee table that we revamped and featured on the blog (August of 2013) before we left Kansas.  You can read about that revamp here: 

It was a tough decision because we both LOVED that coffee table, but with a new walker in the house, we thought it'd be safer for our little one if we went coffee-table-less for a while. Now that our little one is walking (more like running...) and steady on his feet, we were ready for a new coffee table and some new end tables!  

Our living room is huge, so a small dainty little coffee table wasn't going to cut it AND I also wanted something our little guy wouldn't be able to destroy if he banged his toys on it. Enter pallet boards! There are so many talents woodworkers that work with nothing but pallets - and I am in awe of you! Those suckers are hard to break down. Fortunately for me, Mr. ATG is way more determined and patient than I am! Here's what he built -- 

Gorgeous right? Its massive - 31" x 31" and PERFECT of our space!

He used pallet boards on the top and lower shelf. We decided to keep them unfinished but painted the bases antique white. 

After A LOT of sanding and a bazillion (no seriously, a bazillion) coats of poly, we had ourselves a new living room! 

Unfortunately our living room is pretty bare - no pictures, no candles, no knick-nacks. Instead, we accessorize with toys. Hopefully one day we'll be able to have nice things again! 

I think Reid approved of the table! 

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