Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Treasure Hunting: Aberdeen, NC Habitat ReStore

Happy Hump Day Friends! I've had a crazy busy week wrapping up what feels like a gazillion orders and adjusting to our family's new normal with my husband gone to some training for work. Somehow in the middle of it all I managed a trip to my local (well, semi local. Its about 40 minutes away). Habitat Restore. Do you have one of these in your area? My parents have a fantastic one in Cary, NC but this was my first time to the Aberdeen, NC location. 

Here are just a few of the goodies I spotted: 
So many things you can do with these shutters! We've used them to make headboards, wall dividers and used them for the side of a bookcase. So much potential!

$10 for this leather office chair! Such a steal and in great condition. When buying furniture at a thrift store be sure to check all of the upholstery or leather for tears and rips. Real leather pieces will be marked on the underside of the seat. The leather on this chair was in excellent condition but it was missing a few pieces of the nail trim hardware along the front but thats an easy fix. Don't forget the chair can be painted so don't walk away just because its an ugly color. Do walk away if the upholstery is in bad condition! That can be a difficult and expensive fix. 

I love funky shaped mirrors. These would have been perfect to repurpose into chalkboards.

So many glasses. I was able to snag a few pint sized mason jars for $0.25 each. Score!

I loved these bathroom vanity drawers. They'd be perfect to use on a custom built desk! Gawdy, gold hardware is an easy fix so don't let that turn you off. You have to learn to look past the ugly and see the potential. 

So. much. tile. 

Unlike other Restores I've been to, this one had a decent amount of quality furniture!

Anyone need a door? These were mainly storm doors and hollow interior doors but every once and a while you can find solid wood doors - snag them if you can! They are adorable repurposed into headboards or corner shelving units. 

Anyone play golf? 

So, what'd I go home with? Two small, funky shaped mirrors, some super cheap mason jars and a few shutters that I plan to repurpose into a headboard. Not a bad haul -- especially for $21.00!

If you have a Habitat Restore in your area and haven't checked it out- I highly recommend them! Not only is it packed with quality items but your purchase helps to fund your local Habitat for Humanity. Don't you love shopping for a good cause? We'd love to see your Restore finds and revamps!

Happy Treasure Hunting, 

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