Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Kitchen: Farmhouse Style Breakfast Table Reveal

Is it seriously November already? We have had a busy month -- our little guy had his first birthday, we celebrated Halloween with a little Trick or Treatin, our Etsy store has made its first few sales and we've been cranking out headboards and complete beds. Our wait list is as long as its ever been before - but have no fear - if you're waiting on your order, we're working hard to get it to you ASAP. 

In between all the madness that was October, Mr. ATG managed to whip up a little breakfast table for our kitchen. We rarely eat at our large dining room table {mainly because the dining room is painted neon green, no joke - - gotta love renting} which is a bummer because our prettiest furniture is in there, including this awesome hutch we revamped a while back. We normally eat in a small breakfast area in our kitchen. When we first moved in we didn't have a table to fit in this small space, so we ended up buying a round table with four chairs off of Craigslist for next to nothing. Was it pretty? Not so much. But it fit our needs until Mr. ATG could chisel out some time to build us something. 

So we decided we wanted something rustic and distressed. Have a child and trust me, you'll LOVE the distressed look. Since the table is in such a high traffic area we needed it to withstand his dirty fingers and being plowed into with a walker. So we did a few layers of stain and paint and distressed it in between each coat until we got the look we were going for. 

Once we got the look we wanted for the base, Mr. ATG built the top. I LOVE the look of unfinished wood, but it didn't stay that way for long!

We gave it a few coats of Minwax's Dark Walnut {my fave} and let it dry for a solid 24 hours. 

After several coats of polyacrylic and lots of sanding in between coats we were finally finished!  

We paired the table with two sets of Target's Carlisle Dining Chairs. We opted for the silver but did some serious thinking on the copper ones. Ultimately, I think we made the right decision!  

I'm so happy to have our table finished and our kitchen complete!! 

On to the next project... 

Happy Treasure Hunting, 

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