Monday, September 8, 2014

Treasure Hunting: The Cotton Exchange & Livery Antiques - Fayetteville, NC

Hello Fayetteville! While we were getting settled into our home in Cameron we took a day to do some exploring. Our first stop was downtown Fayetteville. I was so impressed with the amount of local businesses, restaurants and shops in the area. The best part? Its all within walking distance, so you can park and walk everywhere! If my husband had the patience, I would have spent the entire day walking around and window shopping.  We had several recommendations from friends in the area to check out The Cotton Exchange and The Livery Antiques -- be sure to follow them on FB for the latest info and preview pics of their newest inventory. Both owned by the same person and within walking distance of each other. 

How about that herringbone door? I want!

Both stores are stocked full of vendors with everything from beautiful antiques, shabby chic painted furniture, hand painted artwork (be sure to check out the painted pig picture below, it almost came home with me!), vintage home decor items, and more. If we could, we'd absolutely have a booth in either of these stores. The ladies working at each place were so nice -- recommending lots of other stores throughout the Fayetteville area. Here are just a few of the pieces we fell in love with. 

Beautiful stuff! You are paying for quality, which makes stomaching the higher price tags a little easier. We will definitely be checking back into this place! 

Another find while we were downtown -- The Butcher and the Baker.  They recently opened a store front on Franklin Street. If you follow us on Instagram - you might know we are all about eating clean and keeping it as local as possible. This place checks both of those boxes. They carry only products made in North Carolina - grass fed beef, antibiotic free chicken, local cheeses, honey, milk, eggs, jams and more. They are constantly running promotions and getting new items in the store so be sure to click the link above and follow them on Facebook. Make sure you tell them Against the Grain sent you to their page! 

Anyone found any good antique or junk stores in the Fayetteville area? Be sure to pass along your recommendations - we are always looking for new places!  

Happy Treasure Hunting, 


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