Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Nursery Preview

Well we are only 5 short weeks away from the arrival of Baby Bowie! Many of you have asked for pictures of the nursery. Well ask and you shall receive friends! 

We moved into this house in June, so we had a blank canvas to work with which was nice. 


We picked up a matching dresser set at a yard sale when we first found out I was pregnant. Originally we hadn't planned on using them in the nursery, but after I started painting them I knew I had to keep them. They are solid wood with a lot of funky detail. You seriously don't find furniture made like this anymore. The only downside is my unborn child has more clothing space than I do! JEALOUS!! 

I chose a muted, matte grey color for the dressers. I wanted to stay pretty neutral so we wouldn't have to repaint them anytime soon and decided to keep the original hardware. Yes its a little funky and out there, but that's my style and I love it. We did add new, wood tops to the dressers since there was a lot of damage to them. We stained them using Minwax's Jacobean.

On to the crib-- Being a decently handy person with a husband who can build amazingly beautiful furniture I figured this would be the easy part. WRONG! This was practically a test of our marriage. The worst directions ever written + mislabeled parts and pieces + one teeny tiny alan wrench = chaos.  After at least an hour we finally figured it out. Here's to hoping we don't have to do that ever again! 

For a long time the room sat pretty empty with random piles of baby crap stuff everywhere. I was waiting to find some inspiration. I knew I didn't want a traditional "theme" for the nursery - no ducks, no frogs, no baby blue, no Cars or Dora the Explorer. Finally I found my "inspiration piece" - at a yard sale, go figure. It was a $3 ceramic lamp base. It had no shade and needed a new lighting system, but it was cute and turquoise! From there things just fell into place. 

I found this bedding set online and decided to stick with the turquoise, orange and grey colors as my non-traditional "theme."

The room is not quiet finished yet - we have some pictures to hang and a floating bookshelf to install. I'm also on the hunt for a rug to finish everything off. I'll post more pictures once the baby arrives. For now his name is still a secret and its hanging on the wall above the crib so I couldn't post any complete pictures of the room. Only 5 weeks to go -- fingers cross they fly by! 

Happy Treasure Hunting,