Monday, July 29, 2013

Shutter Bookcases

If you follow ATG on Facebook, you probably remember the shutter bookcase we did a few weeks ago. It was such a huge hit - one of our most commented on/viewed piece yet! We found two large shutters while we were yard sale-ing a few months ago (yes, months. they were collecting dust in our garage for a while...). 

Nick chopped them in half, so we'd have four shutters all the same size -- perfect for the back and sides of a bookcase. 

Once the frame was made, we gave the shutters a few coats of ivory paint and heavily distressed them. Then we could install the shelves.

We went with our new favorite stain - Minwax's Jacobean for the shelves and the new top. After a few coats of wax, she was ready for a new home!!

**Notice our ATG mascot -- puppy Palin in the background sunbathing!**

I just love the rustic look -- so much better than your average bookcase! Hopefully we'll find some more shutters soon so we can make more. 

Thanks for checking us out -- and stay tuned! We're going to be doing a great promo for August. More details to come at the beginning of the month... stay tuned! 

Happy Treasure Hunting, 

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