Monday, July 29, 2013

Shutter Bookcases

If you follow ATG on Facebook, you probably remember the shutter bookcase we did a few weeks ago. It was such a huge hit - one of our most commented on/viewed piece yet! We found two large shutters while we were yard sale-ing a few months ago (yes, months. they were collecting dust in our garage for a while...). 

Nick chopped them in half, so we'd have four shutters all the same size -- perfect for the back and sides of a bookcase. 

Once the frame was made, we gave the shutters a few coats of ivory paint and heavily distressed them. Then we could install the shelves.

We went with our new favorite stain - Minwax's Jacobean for the shelves and the new top. After a few coats of wax, she was ready for a new home!!

**Notice our ATG mascot -- puppy Palin in the background sunbathing!**

I just love the rustic look -- so much better than your average bookcase! Hopefully we'll find some more shutters soon so we can make more. 

Thanks for checking us out -- and stay tuned! We're going to be doing a great promo for August. More details to come at the beginning of the month... stay tuned! 

Happy Treasure Hunting, 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Window Coffee Table

A few weeks ago, Nick and I were in Kansas City for a friends wedding. One of my favorite places to visit when you are in town is The City Market. They have a crazy amazing farmers market filled to a brim with fresh fruit, veggies, spices, grass-fed beef, flowers and MORE! To make the trip even sweeter, we happened to be there on the same day as their monthly flea market. 

One of the few treasures we found that day (besides the bags of veggies) was an 8 pane solid wood window. It was in great condition - no broken glass, very sturdy and the casing was in perfect condition. After it sat in our garage for a few weeks, Nick had an ah-ha moment and decided to turn it into a coffee table! 

To make it extra fancy he added hinges to the window, so it could be lifted up and the inside used as storage! Here's a picture of the coffee table in progress -- 

And all finished! We stained the base and the feet Jacobean! We decided to keep the original paint color on the window. It was in such great condition, I hated to cover it up! We used dark hinges and added a dark drawer pull to the front so open the top with. 

This was such a hit and sold within an hour of posting it. We'll be on the hunt for more windows and hope to make more! 

Have you ever been to the City Market in Kansas City? Found any treasures lately? We'd love to hear about it! 

Happy Treasure Hunting, 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Treasure Hunting: Council Grove, KS

Last weekend Nick and I ventured out to Council Grove, KS for an auction. We have had decent luck at auctions in the past, so we were excited to see what Council Grove had to offer. In addition to the auction, we had also heard rave reviews of the Hays House Restaurant.  It was built in 1857 and has been used as a restaurants, a US Post Office, trading post and church - if those walls could talk! The building is full of character and charm and the food is delicious! 

The auction was lengthy - including a real estate auction and a huge lot of coins. Unfortunately for us, furniture is always last on the auction bill but, it was worth the wait! We came home with a few items including a kitchen table and a dresser. 

Hope everyone is staying cool in this hot weather!

Happy Treasure Hunting, 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Treasure Hunting in Kansas City - Round 2

This past weekend we headed to Kansas City for a friends wedding. So you know what that means -- treasure hunting!! Kansas City has so many great antique stores, thrift shops and discount stores. Last time we were in town we visited Mission Road Antique Mall. This trip we wanted to find a more affordable place to purchase furniture and knick-knacks. Enter Kansas City Flea Mart

To say this place is ginormous is an understatement. They have a little bit of everything - electronics, jewelry, discount grocery, and FURNITURE! In addition to having their own items there are also hundreds of booth spaces. We went through the entire store fairly quickly since we were in a time crunch and spent over an hour. You could easily spend an entire afternoon in this place!

We purchased a handful of smaller items - which I will post about later. In the meantime, I thought I'd show yall some of the highlights. 

LOVE this color - we are on the lookout for some for a few of the pieces we picked up.

 DVD's anyone?? There are hundreds to choose from! 

Even The Flea Mart sells Redneck Wine Glasses! I was shocked to see theirs were still more than ours -- $9.99 each. We sell ours for $7.50 a piece, such a steal! 

Just a glimpse into the back room - filled to the brim with furniture.

There was an entire booth of vintage Budweiser signs - perfect for any man cave!

Adorable painted nightstand.

 Milk glass galore!

Have you been to any thrift stores lately? Find anything fun?? We'd love to hear about your finds! Be sure to check out The Flea Mart next time you are in Kansas City - such a fun place!

Happy Treasure Hunting,