Thursday, June 27, 2013

Transformation Thursday: Week 6

I recently completed yet another project from my finds at our local DAV a few weeks ago. Remember all this? 

Last week, I upcycled the vintage plates into a cute jewelry dish!  This week, I'm going to show you what we created with the wooden rulers. I was super excited to find these rulers. I know most of you are thinking, "Seriously? Rulers?" Trust me, I thought the same thing -- at first! These wooden rulers are from a variety of fire departments from throughout the Midwest, which made them more special than just plastic rulers. I figured I could find something to use them for - and we did! 

We reworked the rulers to create an adorable coat rack! The simple white hooks really popped when mounted on to the brightly colored rulers. Its so perfect for a little boys room!! 

So, lesson learned - you never know what you can do with those random items that are normally overlooked at the thrift store! Have you upcycled something random lately? We love to hear about your DIY projects! Let us know! 

Happy Treasure Hunting, 

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