Thursday, June 13, 2013

Transformation Thursday: Week 5

I came across some vintage plates at my local DAV Thrift Store recently. Remember when I purchased them along with these goodies? 

When I came across the vintage saucer I thought it'd make a perfect tier for a jewelry dish. This is such a simple DIY project with such a big impact. All in all, this project costs about $2.00 in total. 

First, I gathered my supplies. The two dishes I purchased my local thrift store ($0.50 each) and a candle stick of choice. You can find lots of options at the thrift store or the dollar store. This is one I had left over from our Redneck Wine Glasses. And finally, your glue gun - mine's not pictured because its heating up. 

Now comes the hard part (kidding!) - you simply glue the candle stick base to the center of your larger dish. And then the really hard part (kidding, again!) glue the top to the bottom of the smaller dish. And BAM! You have an adorable jewelry dish. 

Mine is currently hanging out by our kitchen sink, on our pass through. Its become a home for my jewelry when I'm cooking, our mail keys and random odds and ends. 

Did you notice the apothecary jar I found at Goodwill recently hanging out in the background? It's currently housing some sample dish soap I've been trying to use up. Eventually it'll make its way to its forever home in my bathroom to hold q-tips and cotton balls. 

There are so many possibilities for making these to fit your needs. I love the idea of adding a small bowl to the top tier as opposed to a plate, especially if you plan to use it for jewelry. I've also seen people who have spray painted the candle stick a funky color to add some color! 

This is most definitely a simple and easy DIY project you can make with items probably laying around your house. Let me know if you try it!! I'd love to see your finished piece. 

Happy Treasure Hunting, 

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