Monday, June 10, 2013

Thrift Store Finds - DAV

This past week I ventured out to my local DAV Thrift Store. I really enjoy shopping here knowing my money is going to a great organization -- and they give me a military discount! Cha-ching! 

Just like my local Goodwill, this store is hit or miss. I rarely find quality furniture here but love checking out their accessories and frames. You never know what you're gonna find there. 

Immediately walking in these chairs caught my eye. They are such a great shape and just need to be recovered-- AND they are only $30.00 each. I contemplated buying them the entire time I was shopping and in the end, I decided to talk to my upholstering friend about the cost to redo them. If her price is in my budget and the chairs are still there tomorrow - it'll be a good score! But, thrift store finds (especially good ones) don't last long, so I'll be surprised if they are still in the store when I go back. 

Another thing that caught my eye were these caster sets. Casters are super expensive in the store - around $8 or $9 each for the larger ones. The smaller ones were $4.95 for the set of 4 and the larger ones were $9.95 for the set of 4. I'm going to show them to Nick (we always need casters for work benches and tables in the garage) and **hopefully** they will still be there waiting for me with the chairs when I go back! 

So, what did I come home with? Here is the loot I brought back: 

I purchased a handful of colorful wooden rulers, two plates for a jewelry catch-all that I saw on Pinterest and have been wanting to make forever, a wood coat rack that I'll up-cycle with some barnwood or a salvaged cabinet door and a super ornate frame. I paid more than I normally would for the frame, but check out the details! I have big plans for this guys. 

Like I always say, be sure to hit up your local thrift stores midweek if possible - way more inventory than on the weekends.  I was super excited about the treasures I found today - what treasures have you guys found lately? Any JC thrift store finds? We'd love to hear about them! 

Happy Treasure Hunting, 

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