Thursday, May 16, 2013

Transformation Thursday! Week 2

Welcome back for Week 2 of Transformation Thursdays!
This week I am featuring a simple project I did last week to spice up our new half bath! We are prepping for our big move in just a few weeks and I'm getting really excited about decorating the new place. Our current half bath is nothing to write home about... I credit it to the pee colored walls yall know I love hate. So, I thought this would be a cute, cheap and easy way to spice up the wall space in our new half bath!
Remember this old guy? Its a vanity we picked up a while back and revamped for a client's daughter's room. We also featured it on our first (and only at the moment!) post of Where are they now? back in April.
The vanity was rough. Originally purchased for their daughter but the piece never made it out of their garage and was covered in paint, grease, and dust when we took it home. As you can tell the top had seen better days and we ultimately chose to remove it completely. That left me with two small drawers that I wouldn't dare throw away. Thats called hoarding... I'm aware. Fortunately, I stumbled upon them again this past week and had a great idea of how to upcycle them for our new half bath!

Rather than use them as traditional drawers, I thought they'd work perfectly as small shadow boxes. They are too small to hold extra TP or soap, but they are the perfect size for a pillar candle. Sold!

I only wanted to repaint the inside of the boxes, so first step - taping off the outside.
Even though the boxes were already painted white, I decided to hit them with a quick coat of primer. This ensured that my paint stuck (since these little guys aren't real wood) and it took care of any residual smell from its time spent in the garage.
I then hit it with two coats of my favorite turquoise and waited for it to dry so I could remove the painter's tape.
And... ta-da! We have some fancy, upcycled shadow boxes!
Such a simple project but I have a feeling they are going to add a little something extra to our new half bath! I'll be posting lots of before/after pictures of our new place and these will definitely be included! So stay tuned!
Happy Treasure Hunting,

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