Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our Bedroom: Dresser Reveal Part 2

We recently inherited a dresser from some crossfit friends. Nick and I both joined Junction City Crossfit at the beginning of the year and are still loving it! I haven't been able to keep up my regular schedule of going five days a week since I found out I'm pregnant, but I'm still making it a few times a week and loving the workouts. You guys should definitly check them out.
Ok, so back the furniture... We inherited a dresser from some friends. Here it is:
It's solid wood and other than a few scratches from their cat on the bottom drawer, it was in great condition. And it was massive!! This thing is about as tall as I am and has some super deep drawers. Sooo, we decided to keep it. We recently updated a long, six drawer dresser to use as a dresser/TV stand in our master bedroom and we thought this guy was the perfect match.
 We gave it a light sanding to buff out the scratches and painted it the same Cottonwood color we used on the long dresser and our downstairs hutch. Creatures of habit? Yes we are. We also opted to add a Farmhouse Style top to it, even though the top was in great condition. I thought it'd help tie the two pieces together and make them look more like a set than two seperate pieces. We stained the top using Minwax's Special Walnut.
Here's the after...
We replaced the dated hardware with some cup pulls we purchcased on Amazon.

We are still in the process of deciding what to put on top - it's too tall for nicknacks, basekets or smaller picture frames. I purchased this 16" x 20" frame on clearance at JoAnn's not to long ago, so I'm thinking I'll frame one of our baby announcement photos since our house is already filled with wedding photos!


Although it doesn't match perfectly with our other dresser, I think the two pieces compliment each other nicely. Now my hubby has a space for all of his clothes and so do I! Mission accomplished.

Here is a before picture of the dresser we had been using. This thing had seen better days. I purchased it, originally a brown color, at Goodwill while in college for my first apartment. I painted it white shortly after and my husband attempted to paint it brown and blue a few years later -- that's when it lived in my closet... it was not pretty. Once we got to Kansas, we painted it white again and distressed it with some teal. So, this poor thing has at least five coats of paint on it. I was able to sell it at our garage sale recently and was kind of sad to see it go.... but it served its purpose and is on to another family!
I'm still considering having Nick put a piece of molding along the bottom to cover the scalloped piece.  I'm also not a huge fan of the swirly curly q's on the top drawer but didn't want to spend the time filling them... lazy I know! What do you think?
By the looks of my closet, some sort of shoe organizer might be our next project!
Happy Treasure Hunting,

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