Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NEW Custom Mirrors

We recently did a dresser and mirror revamp for a client's nursery. Remember this beauty?
The dated dresser came with an equally unappealing mirror. I of course forgot to snap a picture of the mirror before we transformed it, so I'll let you imagine the difference. Basically we built a new, rustic stained frame for her existing mirror.
After getting such a great response and lots of inquiries for more mirrors on our Facebook page, we decided to make some more! The first one we stained Dark Walnut and used a dry brushing technique to add some turquoise color to it.

The second one we stained using Minwax's Special Walnut-- my favorite! 

I was really happy with the look of both mirrors. They are much larger than our client's original mirror and would work great hanging behind a sofa or as a wardrobe mirror. Much prettier than those $5 plastic Walmart ones, right?
Since we had such a great response, we're going to add these to our ATG Originals! Whether you have a mirror of your own or would like us to purchase one for you, contact us at and we can get you a quote! The best part about these - is we can paint or stain them to match the rest of your furniture!!
I've already had Nick make me one for our new house. I'll be posting lots of pictures in June of our new place, so stay tuned.
Happy Treasure Hunting,


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