Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our Bedroom: Dresser turned TV Stand Reveal

Last month we hit the dresser jackpot at our local Goodwill store when we found two, solid wood dressers! Honestly, that never happens but we were at the right place at the right time literally buying them as the donor was unloading them from his truck!

Of course they aren't perfection, but they still have lots of life left in them. The first, which is still taking up space in my garage was covered in crayon doodles. Its missing a few knobs and pulls but the drawers are in great condition and it'll look super modern once I'm done with it!

The second, but I of course forgot to take a before picture of was in great condition but missing a drawer and a second drawer had lost its decorative front. Luckily we have seriously been needing a TV stand (no seriously. you'll see later, it was bad) in our bedroom so loosing 2 drawers wasn't an issue.

The four surviving drawers had some great detailing on them and some fancy, heavy duty drawer pulls. We gave everything a good clean up, a light sanding and two coats of primer before we started painting. We decided to go with Glidden's Cottonwood. We used it recently on our hutch in the kitchen.

Fortunatly we had lots of beautiful weather this weekend and I was able to do all the finishing touches outside on the patio. Nick had to remove the drawer slides and add some plywood for our shelf. We drilled two 1 1/2" holes in the back of the shelf for wires and cords and reattached the hardware. 

As you can see the top was in super rough condition. It was a coated piece of veneer that had been beaten up pretty badly. Rather than deal with scraping the veneer off, we added a farmhouse style top to it and stained it using Minwax's Special Walnut.

And here she is!

Like I said earlier we were in serious need of a new TV stand. Here is our bootleg old one -- its a cheap Walmart stand on bed raisers. Aren't we fancy? I'm embaressed to even post this, but the transformation of the space is not as dramatic without it. Here is our dusty (don't judge!) TV stand and the vanity I revampped for myself a few months ago.

And here it is aftewards!! I threw in a basket I found on clearance at Target for all the remotes and those random DVDs that always accumulate. The shelf works perfectly to store our DVD player, cable boxes and modems and the drawers will give Nick some added clothing space since I take up all of our closet.

We moved the vanity to the right of the TV stand which works out great because there is way more natural light. Nick also threw together a crate bookshelf to store all the books that were on the old TV stand. I'm thinking we might add the crate bookself as one of our ATG Original pieces, what do you think?

The room is still a work in progres - we need to rehang some artwork and get all of our belonging settled in the new dresser. But, I love the dresser and the added storage space!! Such a transformation of the piece and the space!

Happy Treasure Hunting,


  1. Absolutely AMAZING!!! You guys are so talented.

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