Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Showers...

Well unfortunatly the weather this month has been just as unpredictable as it was in March! I'll never get use to this fickle Midwest weather. We had snow, we had hail, we had LOTS of rain, we had 70 degree days and a few 30 degree days... but, we worked through them all! I will be so happy to have Spring here to stay.
Fortunatly the weather didn't slow us down too much - which is great becaus we had orders coming out of our ears! Here's a look at some of our custom builds and revamps from April.


And here are a few of the custom pieces we did this past month...



A few clients submitted photos of our pieces in their new homes! Erin's farmhouse style coffee table, seen above in our driveway, is now all settled in along with a set of our redneck wine and redneck margarita glasses. 
Tracy asked us to recreat a mantle shelf she saw featured on Pinterest. You might remember the post we did earlier this month. Here's a look at her shelf all decorated in her master bedroom.

Don't forget to submit your photos if you've purchased revamps of custom furniture pieces from us! We love seeing where they end up.
Happy Treasure Hunting,

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