Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Showers...

Well unfortunatly the weather this month has been just as unpredictable as it was in March! I'll never get use to this fickle Midwest weather. We had snow, we had hail, we had LOTS of rain, we had 70 degree days and a few 30 degree days... but, we worked through them all! I will be so happy to have Spring here to stay.
Fortunatly the weather didn't slow us down too much - which is great becaus we had orders coming out of our ears! Here's a look at some of our custom builds and revamps from April.


And here are a few of the custom pieces we did this past month...



A few clients submitted photos of our pieces in their new homes! Erin's farmhouse style coffee table, seen above in our driveway, is now all settled in along with a set of our redneck wine and redneck margarita glasses. 
Tracy asked us to recreat a mantle shelf she saw featured on Pinterest. You might remember the post we did earlier this month. Here's a look at her shelf all decorated in her master bedroom.

Don't forget to submit your photos if you've purchased revamps of custom furniture pieces from us! We love seeing where they end up.
Happy Treasure Hunting,

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Big Annoucement...

Baby Bowie will be here in October 2013!!
A huge thank you to Judith Keller Photography for taking some a-mazing pictures for us. She even let us bring our dog and ATG mascot, Palin! Here's a preview of a few of the pictures she took for us.

What does this mean for Against the Grain? Not sure yet. So far nothing has had to change, but as we get closer to October and once we have a newborn - who knows! For now, it's business as usual!
Happy Treasure Hunting,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Farmhouse Style Coffee Table Update

We've recently updated our Farmhouse Style Coffee Table. Don't fret, it's nothing drastic... but we got some great feedback from past customers who had purchased our original design so we decided to update it with, drum roll please... a bottom shelf! We also added an apron and tweeked the design to hide screw holes better. The new table measures 24" Wide x 18" Tall x 55" Long and is $160. As always, that price includes painting or staining the color of your choice. We can also customize the size to fit your space-  just let us know the dimensinos you need and I can get you a price!
Here a picture of the first one we made, stained using Dark Walnut!

If you were in love with our original design, you're in luck - we can still make it for you! And the $100 price tag has stayed as well.
And don't forget about "Joe" our 100% reclaimed wood coffee table. He's also available for $100. I'm thinking I might start named all of our custom pieces... its catchy!

Here's a peek at one of our new coffee tables in a customer's living room! Looks fab!
To place your order or get a quote email us at againstthegraindesigns@yahoo.com!
Happy Treasure Hunting!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Turquoise Dresser Reveal

Earlier this month we purchased a pretty beat up dresser from a lady on Craigslist. It had been passed around their family and eventually found a home in her teenage daughters room. This old guy had seen better days but had great bones - solid wood, drawer pulls and slides in great condition and it was on casters! Always be sure to open and close all the drawers before buying a dresser -- sellers can be sneaky and rig up their broken drawer slides so they appear to be straight. Always better to be safe than sorry.
I fell in love with this old guy and his cheap price tag! After a good scrub down, some patching of the damage spots, a few coats of paint, a little dristressing and a new top... we had a beautiful dresser again!


Unfortunatly this guy was swooped up within the hour of posting it For Sale! But, I had such great feedback from the turquoise color, that I'll definitely be on the lookout for more dressers.
Have you found any treasures lately? Let us know how your projects are coming along!
Happy Treasure Hunting,

Monday, April 15, 2013

NEW Custom Built Bookcases

At the request of a customer, we recently built a set of rustic bookshelves. We loved them so much and got a great response from them on our facebook page, that we decided to add them to our custom made furniture line. Our standard size is 65" Tall x 30" Wide x 12" Deep and has five shelves. A standard sized bookshelf in your choice of paint or stain color is $195. We can also sell them unfinished for $175. Don't forget all of our custom made pieces are customizable - meaning we can change the dimensions, number of shelves and paint or stain color to fit your needs! Email us at againstthegraindesigns@yahoo.com  for a quote or to place your order!



Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where are they now?

We have such great clients! After purchasing our revamps or custom made pieces, many will send us pictures of the pieces all settled in their new home. This makes me "happy, happy, happy!" I thought we'd do a little follow up on a few of our memorable pieces.
Remember this raggedy old vanity? I bought it from a lady who was selling me a hutch. It was originally intended for her daughter, but her husband spilled paint on the desktop before it made it inside. So, it had been collecting dust and grease and goo in their garage for some time.

We removed the broken organizer top, stripped and sanded down the piece and gave it a few coats of Ture White paint. We paired it with a chair we found at a thrift store months prior. We reupholstered the seat with a blue and white silk fabric.

This was purchased for a young girls room. It fits perfectly in her pink room!
The same client had as revamp a dresser also for her daughters room. Here is the before picture!
And after...
Here it is in Fallon's room. I was especially in love with the hardware on the dresser!!

If you've purhcased a revamp or any of our custom made pieces, be sure to email us a picture of the piece! We love to see what our clients do with the pieces and how they look all settled in your home! againstthegraindesigns@yahoo.com.
Happy Treasure Hunting!