Monday, March 4, 2013

One Final Look

I know everyone is getting sick of hearing about our newly revamped hutch, but I'm so in love with it and I can't stop admiring it! I thought I'd post one final (I promise) look at our hutch now that its all finished and filled up. We decided to only put in our pieces that were white or glass. I have a ridiculous amount of mason jars stashed around the house - and I thought this was a great place for a few! As always, I apologize for the pee yellow wall color. Trust me, it wasn't my doing!

I am so excited to have a place to display some of our wedding gifts and steamware we've had boxed up or hiding in the back of cabinets. We are ordering some under the cabinet wine racks for the first shelf, so that should help it look a little more organized.
 I've had a beautiful set of antique champage glasses in storage since we got moved to Kansas; now they have a new home and a beautiful space to be displayed in.
 I didn't dare take a picture of the junk I have crammed into the drawers and cabinet underneath, its not pretty. But, I will say I am taking full advantage of the space!

You can see all of the randomness we had packed onto our tiny wine bar in our before picture. I can't believe I'm even posting it, but I want everyone to truely get the transformation of this space.

Fingers crossed the weather keeps warming up and we can get back to revamping more pieces!! 


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