Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update: Ugly Furniture Contest Winner

Just last month we hosted our first Ugly Furniture Contest in honor of our 500+ likes on our Facebook page! We had 9 entries, a ridiculous amount of votes and one very deserving winner. Here is our winner's table.

This is a 100+ year old dining room table. There is a LOT of family history behind this piece. Amber's great grandparents were the original owner - her grandfather has told her stories of eating breakfast at the table every morning as a child. Years later it was passed down to one of her aunts and eventually to her. Unfortunatly there had been some water damage to it and obviously there was a lot of wear and tear over 100 years and she was too afraid to even use it. So, she was delighted to win our contest for a free makeover for her family's table.

Enter Against the Grain Furniture.  We removed the peeling veneer from the table legs, repaired the table base with the water damage, reattached the piece bolting the base to the table top, tightened everything (including the super cool, antique casters on the bottom of the bases) and then started sanding. The entire piece was wrapped in a wood veneer. Since it was so old and super thin, we took our time. After a day or two of sanding, we had all the old varnish and finish removed.

Table base before we started sanding.
Sanding Round 1
Sanding Round 2
Sanded, a coat of wood conditioner and stain.
Sunbathing after a coat of stain!
After a quick coat of wood conditioner, we applied a coat of Minwax's Dark Walnut stain. It really brought out the details in the wood! Once everything was dry, we applied several coats of poly to the table top.

Table Top Before
And After!

I am super excited about how beautiful this piece turned out. Although not all older or damaged pieces are worth the time and effort to save it, ones with family history and memories can and should be brought back to life! I'm pleased to report that this old guy, with his new face lift is happily back home!

As long as everything goes as plans, we will be having another Ugly Furniture Contest later this year, so keep your eyes out! If you have a piece of furniture you'd like revamped - please email us at againstthegraindesigns@yahoo.com with a picture of the piece and what your vision for it is. Look forward to hearing from you!!

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