Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Snow Day Project

Last week we were blessed with 12+ inches of snow in good ol' Junction City, KS. I'm from Georgia and my husband is from Florida, so this gave us 12+ reasons to stay cuddled up in our PJs all day watching movies and being lazy. It was nice - the first day. Work was cancelled two days giving us a four day weekend and by day two we were bursting at the seems to get out of the house. Some of our FB followers might remember this hutch we bought a few weeks ago.

We were purchasing a vanity set from a women off of Craigslist. You might remember this revamp we did -

After loading up the vanity, we asked if she was getting rid of anything else before their cross country move to the west coast. She had lots of goodies - including this beautiful, antique, solid wood beauty! As beautiful as the curved glass on the top was and as much as I was drooling over the amount of storage this piece would give me, I was somewhat hesitant due to the damage to the top of the base. There were multiple very deep scratches from the previous owners lazily sliding and moving the top, water rings and water damage. Of course this is all on the four inches you can actually see when the two pieces are set up! But, I knew I had to have it and was able to negotiate an amazing price for it.
Well its been collecting dust and taking up space in our garage for almost a month now. So with 12 inches of snow outside, we bit the bullet and started a revamp in the middle of our kitchen! I mean, why not?
First things first, we removed all the hardware, drawers and doors from both pieces and gave it a serious scrub down. Once squeaky clean and dry, we taped off the glass on the doors, removed the backing and got to priming!

We are pretty loyal to Bulls Eye's Water Based Primer. Its affordable and does a great job at removing odors, which is key for removing that "old lady smell" as I call it from older furniture. I am an avid supporter of doing two coats of primer, especially when painting a dark peice a light color. It saves a lot of time! As you can tell we don't have any fancy tools - at least not for this project. I think a paint sprayer in my kitchen would have been a bad idea!

After the primer had dried, we got to painting. We were able to remove the panel backing of the hutch so we could easily repaint this guy a second color - which of course we choose turquoise!

We decided to keep the outside of the hutch a neutral color. We are fortunate enough (not!) to live in an apartment complex that paints every wall in every apartment a pee yellow color. I have a few words for whoever made that decision! I didn't want anything too bold or too contrasting, so we stuck with a Cottonwood off-white.
Notice the other in-progress projects in the background. One day I will have a kitchen to actually use for cooking, not storing table bases!  

We decided to paint the inside of the cabinet turquoise as well. I thought the hidden pop or color would be cute! So once our paint was dry on the outisde, we taped off the lip and painted the inside.

Once everything was good and dry, we reattached the doors and drawers. The old hardware on this hutch was huge - I mean, seriously huge! So we had to fill in the old drawer holes with wood putty so we could drill new ones for our updated hardware. Replacing hardware is a simple way to transform your furniture, even without repainting the piece.

Once everything was good and dry, we moved the pieces back to our cramped garage for some poly! We did two thick coats of Minwax's Polyurethane. Even though the can says "Fast Drying" it took a day and a half for it to completely dry. We can thank mother nature for that! I was so excited to put the hutch back into the house that waiting definitly tested my patience.

Lessons learned: I will never revamp a piece in my kitchen again!
It was just as much work cleaning up after the revamp. But, I am so happy with the final product. The additional storage space is going to go to good use! We already have some wine glass holders on order to install under some of the shelves and Nick is going to come up with some kind of wine rack for the shelf in the bottom cabinet. For now, we are going to relax as we get even more snow tonight and enjoy our new hutch!

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