Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our 1st Ugly Furniture Contest

Happy 2013 Everyone!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We spent our holidays in North Carolina and Georgia visiting family and friends. It was just what we needed - relaxation! Although we had an amazing vacation we were so happy to be home. We didn't know what to do with ourselves all day without the garage or a project calling our names. So, its been back to work since the day we walked in the door!

While we were gone, our Facebook page hit 500+ fans! In honor of that we are hosting an ugly furniture contest. If you have a piece of furniture that is in serious need of a make over, email us a picture. We'll be posting all of the entries on our Facebook page later this week. Then our Facebook friends will "like" the piece they think deserves a FREE makeover. So far we haev already recieved a handful of entries - but keep them coming! The more the merrier!

Entries can be sent to and must be submitted by Thursday, January 17th! Voting with run from Friday, January 18th to Wednesday, January 23rd. Unfortunatly, this contest would only be open to our local friends and we do request no more than 2 entries per person. Thanks and good luck!!

We have added a new piece to our custom made furniture -- a writing desk. A client needed a small work space for her computer but didn't want a big bulky desk. So we created this simple, yet beautiful desk for her! Its a steal at only $100 -- including painting or staining the color of your choice.

We've also been hard at work revamping pieces for clients and to sell ourselves. Here's what we've been working on these past few weeks!

We found this table and chairs set at a yard sale - The table base was painted a dark hunter grey. Of course I forgot to a take a before picture! But we lightened it up and repainted the base a bright white and clean up the table top and matching chairs! AND it's still for sale - $120 for the set!

We bought this vanity at an auction a few months ago but we were so busy it got pushed to the back of the garage and ignored.
 Same with this piano bench. I knew I'd come across a great vanity to pair it with.
(I just didn't know it'd be four months later!)
A fresh coat of grey paint and some chevron fabric on the vanity and it looks brand new!
This is a dark and depressing hutch - it was in great condition, just needed a little revamping!
 We got the light working, a new coat of paint (actually several!) and added some chicken wire!

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